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Besides the three basic modules of Sprinter 2000, there are additional modules available. So you decide which extra functionalities you would like to use. A few examples:


EZ Tracer

With the EZ Tracer there is no need of a GPS system. Furthermore you have your signed documents directly available.

The advantages of the EZ Tracer:

  • Download the free EZ Tracer app and trace you shipments and drivers with Google Maps
  • After registration the driver will change the status of the shipment contantly, until delivery. 
  • After delivery the driver can have the documents signed and fill in the delivery information. 
  • Pictures of signed CMR's and/or damages could be attached to the shipment. 
  • After delivery and completion of the shipment, you can not follow the driver anymore.

Message Server

The Message Server is a separate program that will perform dedicated taks without user intervention.

The Message Server can communicate through ftp or email with other systems. By using plugins the Message Server can perform specialized tasks. Some plugins will be standard depending on the used modules or can be custom made.

Plugins are often used to cooperated with other computer systems from your hauliers, carriers or customers.

The Message Server will be installed on your server.

The following modules require the Message Server:

  • Customs Link (Standard/Advanced)
  • Tracking and Tracing Advanced
  • Barcode Recognition



With the Warehouse Module you can regsiter all your inbound and outbound pallets or other colli into your warehouse. This module contains a location manager and generates Traffic and location reports.


Credit Control 

The credit control module enables you to enter your customers payments or to import an outstanding invoices CSV file from your accounting software.

You can send out statements by email or by regular mail. The statements are available in six different languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish). 

On your customer screen you will see a list of all outstanding invoices. If you make a new shipment the credit limit of this customer will be checked automatically and you will be notified if the customer exceeds the credit limit.
Furthermore you can insert reminder actions when you have made payment arrangements with a customer for example. 

 In brief:


  • entry of payments
  • importing CSV file of the outstanding invoices
  • outstanding invoices list
  • sending statements by email or regular mail
  • outstanding invoices per customer
  • actions poin


Planning & Truckboard


With this module can make a planning for all your shipments on the available trucks.

Truck Board:

This module is like a white board with every truck on a line. You can fill in all kinds of information per truck per day. And this multi-users.


Barcode recognition

With the Barcode Recognition module you will be able to print barcodes on your CMR's and delivery notes (and other documents if necessary). When you receive the documents signed back then you only have to scan the documents and this module will automatically assign the document to the correct shipment. If you have also the Tracking and Tracing module your website is automatically update with the last POD information and documents.

This module requires the Document Manager module.

When you use a handscanner like the Metrologic MS9520 you can also use the barcodes on the document to quickly open the shipment. 

Example: the barcode will be printed on every file cover. If you want to work on the shipment you simply scan the barcode and the shipment will be opened.


With this Emballage Module (pallet administration) you keep an administration of pallets (blok/euro), CC or whatever per customer.
The system can create emballage transactions based upon your shipments. You can also create emballage transactions manually for balancing purposes. 

Reports of the administration can be send to your customers.
This module will also enable you to track of accessories of the packing units (like boards for CC/Danish cars).


Do you have questions about the modules mentioned above? Please fill in the  contact form or call +31 165 56 56 67.