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Why Sprinter 2000?

Whether you are a forwarder, courier or customs agent,  Cargo Data Systems understand the importance of an automated business administration in the logistics sector. We focus on this, so you can focus on the core business! CDS knows the trends in the logistics sector. We understand the developments and consequences for your operational management. Besides that we are aware of all rules and regulations that a shipment needs to meet.  

Sprinter 2000 is thé expedition software for air, road and sea freight. 

Some advantages for you:

  • Windows application, locally installed on your own server, external or in your cloud 
  • Software updates and support included
  • No big investment, due to software rental
  • Purchase and Sales rates, generally available as well as on customer level. 
  • Create quotations
  • Enormous availability of reports
  • Possibility to connect to external systems of your 
  • Directe facturatie en inkoop controle
  • Easily connect to many dfferent systems of:
    • Customers
    • Agents, transporters
    • Websites
    • Accounting systems

Sprinter 2000 exists of three basic modules. Besides the just mentioned advantages, every module has its own specific possibilities. Click on the icons to read more information.



 Besides the basic modules, there are additional modules available, so you decide which functionalities you would like to use. Please ask us what the possibilities are.