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New ways of working with Sprinter 2000

With the increase of new ways of working,  “paperless” is the keyword nowadays. We offer this way of working for many years. Because of quick and efficient registration and digital documentation of shipments, you save lots of time and you always have the right documents at hand.

You can easily drag and drop your document to a client, shipment, transporter, truck etc. with the so called Document Manager.

With the Document Manager you will be able to:

  1. Store the printed documents of a shipment
  2. Scan documents and store them with the shipment
  3. Load digital photos (of the damaged shipment) and store them with the shipment
  4. Load other files and store them with the shipment
  5. Email the documents
  6. Load also all above mentioned documents per customer/carrier. Very handy for quotation and other customer information.

Document Manager simplifies the way you work with documents. You can easily find all the documents of a shipment and print, email or fax the documents.

Scanning documents is very handy to store all your signed CMR, delivery notes, commercial invoices and other documents.

The scan and loading photos feature of the Document Manager requires a TWAIN compatible scanner and digital camera.

Although if your digital camera is not TWAIN compatible, you can still download the photos on your computer with your regular camera software and store then these files into the Document Manager database.

When you use also the Message Server and/or the module Barcode Recognition you will be able to make archiving of documents an automated process.